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Press Release for the Austrian – German – Eggenberg Island Restaurant in Cheung Chau

Eggenberg Island Café & Bar

Attention: CeciliaKo ( 6093 1741 ) and Felix Amon ( 6645 2058 )



The press is invited to attend the “Great Opening” which will be held at Tung Wan Road 12 – 14 in Cheung Chau –Hong Kong, Sunday June 7th from 5 to 7 PM. The event will feature the introduction of the Austrian – German – Island “Cosy Mini Village” concept in a “Mountain hut style” and the Grand Opening of the Eggenberg Island Café & Bar.


To celebrate our kick off, we offer free tastings of some of our chef’s top dishes and fresh premium draft beer from Austria at the event. The presence of the Austrian General Consul Dr. Claudia Reinprecht and the Governing Members of the Rural Committee on the Island of Cheung Chau together with the traditional liondance and an opera voice performance will be the highlight of this event.



The restaurant concept was born from the international experience of its owners and love for good food and beverages and the never ending search to create new and appealing flavors. The concept is 40% of the dishes originating from Austria – Germany including the signature dishes Wiener Schnitzel, Stelze/Hax’n/Pork Knuckle and an assortment of sausages like Kaesekrainer, Nuernberger, Bratwurst and Weisswurst. This will be balanced with 40% dishes from the local fish market, serving only fresh fish and crustations in season. 20% of Fusion dishes. Under the leadership of Chef Andy Chung there will be a mix of new and exciting flavors “fused” from both cultures, allowing ample creativity of the kitchen and pleasing the patron pallets.


The shop offers specialty beer from Austria, besides the premium and craft beers from EGGENBERG in Vorchdorf close to Linz, the Trappist monk beers from ENGELSZELL, the cult brewer HOFSTETTNER from St. Martin and the Demeter bio brewer GUSSWERK from Salzburg. We also offer pure glacier water from GASTEINER, fruit juice drinks from KELI, snacks from SOLETTI and chocolates from AUER, spices and children party champagne from  SPITZ and speciality wines from the Weinviertel and the Burgenland, two of the most famous wine areas in Austria featuring the main brand grapes ‘Gruener Veltliner’, ‘Zweigelt’ and ‘Blaufraenkischer’. On the bio healthy side the kiosk offers a variety of fine bagged teas and cereals helping to sooth the stomach, stimulate a detox, allow a good sleep or foster beauty. Three types of Alpine honey, from the yellow ‘Loewenzahn’, to the meadows where the birds sing and the deer graze, to trees and herbs found in high mountain ranges complete the delicious produce selection.


The Love Lock garden allows visitors to express their feelings, emotions and beliefs by inscibing their message on a colorful lock and hooking- it to the Kiosks garden fence.


The B&B was established in 2006, starting with 12 rooms. With cleanliness, a beautiful bed with white linen and a good Western Breakfast and a lot of tunes from the ‘Sound of Music’ the venue has expanded into 5 buildings, has now 34 rooms with 93 beds and will add another 19 rooms after renovations are  completed.


The first ‘Cosy Mini Village is born; we pride ourselves on good service and high quality food, much of it imported directly from Europe. We plan to serve the local community, the day and weekly tourists from Hong Kong, Macau as well as visitors from Mainland China, international Tourists and friends. We commit to work dedicated and adjusting to special needs and wants in order to live our fusion concept that the ‘EAST can meet the WEST’ in a symbiotic, joyful and fun way. For images of the ‘Mini Austrian Village’ please like us on Facebook ‘eggenbergislandcafe, and for the B&B for further information contact us under and phone 6645 2058



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